This is Home blog - online neighborhood
This is Home blog - online neighborhood
Ben Dambman

Welcome to This is Home blog - online neighborhood

An online neighborhood / community defining what "home" means to each of us. Join the journey!

About Us

Hi there, welcome to our "neighborhood".

I started a blog called "This is Home" after our family moved away from the United States for Shannon's hotel career.

We've enjoyed the adventure of moving every couple of years from Philadelphia to California to Chicago, and now to Costa Rica.

But sometimes, relocating makes it hard to find "home".

So this is a place where we'll be sharing our stories and our journey of discovering and defining what home means to us.

I hope you'll settle right in and share your own stories and journey with us, and the community.

Your new neighbors,

Ben and Shannon ("Papa" and "Mama"), Grace and Gabriel ("Big G" and "Little G") Dambman

Why You Should Join Us

When you "move into the neighborhood" (log in for free with your email, or with your Facebook or LinkedIn profile), you'll make the transition from just reading blog posts to connecting with the entire community and your new neighbors. This isn't a one-way street of us posting and you reading - it's a place that we can share our journeys and as a result, live a fuller and more connected life.

Thank you

Thank you for joining us, and for inviting your own friends to the neighborhood.

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